Gloria Mitchell

CEO & Bail Agent Lic# 1840293:
Licensed: November 1, 1993

Gloria Mitchell is 2nd generation bail agent, continuing the family business. She has worked in the industry since 1990, and in 1993 she became a licensed California bail agent. Shortly thereafter in 1995 she took ownership of Pete Brito Bail Bonds, a business that her mother, Mary Nodal and business partner, Pete Brito, had owned prior to their retirement. In 2000, the business was re-named Gloria Mitchell Bail Bonds. And this legacy continues today.

Today Gloria Mitchell continues to run the family business and provide bail bond services. She is known for being fair, honest, and providing her customer’s respect. The roots of Gloria Mitchell’s success are founded in carrying on the family business tradition of always being there for their customers, truly caring for their wellbeing and providing service with integrity, honor, and dignity.