Family Owned

Gloria Mitchell, a proud 2nd generation Bail Provider. was licensed in 1993 and purchased the business when the previous owners retired in 2001.

Gloria Mitchell is a proud second-generation Bail Provider. Gloria joined the family business, Pete Brito Bail Bonds in 1993, learning the business firsthand from her mother Mary Alice Nodal and stepfather Pete Brito, both long term Pomona Area Bail Agents.

Ms. Mitchell succeeded as proprietor in 1995. Upon the previous owner’s retirement in 2001, the business was renamed Gloria Mitchell Bail Bonds.

Prior to being licensed in bail, Gloria Mitchell spent almost a decade in the computer industry developing many of the tech skills which she would bring with her to bail. Some of these changes and enhancements include.

Ms. Mitchell’s adult daughters Brandie and Candace have since joined the family firm.

For all your bail needs, contact the Mitchell family, Pomona’s First Family of Bail.